Warehouse Control System


A quality Warehouse Control System is a quint essential building block while adopting any sizeable automation solution for your DC/FC as it serves as the only tool for DC managers to interact with the installed Physical Systems and control them.

The WCS has to be simple and easy to use, Robust, modular, scalable and should support various operation strategies as every Warehouse would have its own way of working.

Falcon’s WCS Software: ControlIT is an integrated all-in-one Software tool designed with a multi Stake holder view in mind, that helps

Operation Managers to plan and control their System Configurations
Maintenance Managers to track and plan their System maintenance Schedules
Key Decision Makers to track and monitor Key Operational Performance Indicators

ControlIT spans across all Intra Facility operations such as: Receiving and Reconciliation, Buffering, Put Away, Cross Dock, Picking, Consolidation, packing, Dispatch, Manifestation and is capable to support all major Picking Strategies such as order Pick, Batch Pick, Zone Pick, Wave Pick, Cluster Pick to suit the business specific demands. This allows organizations to reap the benefits of unified experience and data simplification across the process cycle.

ControlIT is designed to be robust and scalable and can grow side by side with your operations. ControlIT is already integrated with all major WMS and ERP systems available globally such as InFor, Red Prairie, SAP WM and EWM to name a few and also has several successful installations with multiple home grown WMS and Shipping systems.

ControlIT supports all Falcon hardware systems as well as most 3rd party hardware systems such as:

Dynamic Conveyor Networks

Dynamic Conveyor Networks

Linear Tilt Tray Sorter

Sortation Systems

Put to light sortation

Pick/Put to Light Systems

Inline Printing

Print and Pack Lines