Volume Measurement Machine – Cubizon-R

Dimension & Weight Scanning System

Cubizon-R a Falcon Cubizon Series Product is the most widely accepted Static DWS Model with hundreds of successful Installations in the Asia Pacific Region.

This Portable model can be used as an independent Work Station and can handle both Boxes and Irregular Shipments by using its unique Slider Kit.


Features and functional abilities:

  • Accuracy: Equipped with High Precision Laser for Ultra High Accuracy
  • Versatility: Integrated Slider Flaps for facilitating Measurement of Irregular Products
  • Robust: Designed and tested for Extreme Industrial/WH conditions
  • No Maintenance: Guaranteed Zero Maintenance expenses
  • Software: Cubizon Series Products are powered by CUBIZONE, one of the most Powerful Software Engine in its class


Cubizon-R Technical Specification

Property Units Value
Maximum Length mm 700
Maximum Width mm 700
Maximum Height mm 700
Minimum Length mm 25
Minimum Width mm 25
Minimum Height mm 25
Measurement Increment mm 1
Maximum Weight grams 50000
Minimum Weight grams 20
Weight Increment grams 1
Throughput PPH 400-600
Shipment Shape
Regular Boxes NA YES (Without Flaps)
Irregular/ Non Boxes NA YES (With Flaps)
Dimension interval sec 3
Surface characteristics NA Stainless Steel
Orientation NA Object to be butted at Axis
Spacing NA NA
Operational temperature Celsius 5 to 55
Power NA 230V
Barcode Scanner NA Wired 1D Scanner (Wireless and 2D Optional)
Interface with PC NA USB/Serial
Portable NA Yes
Camera NA Optional
Printer NA Optional