TrainIT: Falcon’s software platform, designed and developed to empower organizations to train their staff across various business functions such as Operations, IT, Maintenance, Optimization etc during the lifecycle of a system in a self dependent manner is unparalleled in the industry and offers limitless possibilities for companies to leverage and build upon Falcon’s training literature.

The platform is designed with a holistic B2B view and offers the opportunity of E-Learning over multiple platforms across a wide range of topic categories such as Equipment SOPs, troubleshooting guides, Industry best practices, Software Interface and many more.

Since, the Platform is central, clients can access the latest literature on a regular basis and make sure that their teams are always up to date with the latest features of the Equipment, Software and also the Industry Best Practices.

Organizations can also leverage the Platform’s inbuilt knowledge evaluator tool to evaluate and score the completed trainings for their teams.