Loop Tilt Tray

Loop Tilt Tray

Loop Tilt Tray sorter Can achieve Ultra High throughput: Upto 28000 Sorts per Hour

Key Advantages

Product Re-Circulation in Loop (Chute Full, Scan Re Attempt etc) for reduced rejections
Extremely High Throughput Sorting (Up to 28000 Sorts Per Hour)
Gentle Product Handling
Suitable for wide range of Product Types (Boxes,Pouches, Fliers, Jiffy bags, Documents Etc)
Highly Redundant Design
Flexible design to accommodate changing Business needs in Future


Min Product Size Sortable (mm) 100 X 10 X 1
Max product Size Sortable (mm) 800 X 600 X 600
Throughput (Sorts/Hour) Up to 28000
Max Product Weight Sortable (kg) Up to 15/30 Kg

Product video