Store Order Fulfillment for fashion retailers and grocery retailers

Store Order Fulfillment for fashion retailers and grocery retailers

Falcon’s Put To Light Sortation Solution for Order Consolidation is a very powerful solution designed to increase the Pick and Pack Productivity of operations that are doing Store order Fulfillment in Fashion Retail Space or Dealer/Service Center Order Fulfillment in Spare Part Distribution for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, heavy machinery space.

The solution apart from increasing the productivity also enhances the accuracy of operations while drastically reducing the human training effort.


PTL Light indicators are mounted on racks that have multiple Put Locations.
Each Put Location represents a Store/ Dealer and is mapped to a Light Indicator.
Multiple Put Locations are clubbed into a ``Put Zone`` that is manned by a operator.
Multiple ``Put Zones`` can be stitched together depending upon the application specifics.
A container enters into the system containing multiple pieces of a SKU.
The SKU ID is scanned in Put Zone 1 and lights for all the stores that need that SKU start to Glow.
The light indicators also display the number of pieces required for that store for the scanned SKU.
The operator puts the required the number of eaches of the scanned SKU into the Store carton and presses the confirm button.
The Confirm button acts as the Acknowledgement for the Put and the Light goes off.
Once the operator completes all the Puts in his Zone, the SKU carton is passed to Put Zone 2 to repeat the process.
Put Zone 1 receives the next SKU carton.

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Batch picking reduces multiple trips to same SKU bins and hence increases the overall productivity.
Integration of frames with conveyor system for post processing like shrink wrap, taping, Print & Apply and route wise sorting makes it a complete warehouse order processing solution.
Sorting process is completely paperless, thereby saving resources.
99.9% + accuracy is achieved in sorting.
Maintenance free system with easy troubleshooting.