SKU Consolidation at Goods receiving

SKU Consolidation - Goods and Receiving

Often warehouses receive the goods in mixed lots and need to Sort them into logical groups or categories before putting them away for storage. These logical categories could be SKUs, Group of SKUs, Physical Attribute such as Size or colour or a combination of both, Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Batch Number etc.

Manual Segregation of products at receiving stage can be a both time and space consuming exercise and can significantly impact the productivity of the entire warehouse leading to delay in Goods receipt and inventory Updation.

Recently, increasing number of organizations have started looking at various options to Automate the Sortation process at the Goods receipt stage by implementing Falcon Sorters that are specially designed to offer high speed and accurate Inbound Sorting capabilities to warehouses.

Some of the Common Sorting Configurations include:

Sorting by SKU or Group of SKUs
Sorting by Size (in Apparel) to create Prepack assortments
Sorting by Batch Numbers (in Food and Pharma)
Sorting by Expiry Date
Sorting by product Category (in E-Commerce retail)


However, it must be noted that the Falcon’s Sorter Software Suite: ControlIT is highly customizable to accommodate for any custom tailor-made Sorting Logic depending upon the business specific requirements.