Electric Arm Sorter

Electric Arm Sorter System

Side Arm Sorter System developed by Falcon is an extremely cost effective Sortation System designed for low to medium Volume Centres.

The Sorter can be configured to yield throughput right from 1500 Sorts Per hour to 6000 Sorts per Hour and is based on a highly modular design to scale up seamlessly with your growing needs.

The Sorter is propelled by Electric (Non Pneumatic) Arms that give the system the required robustness to work in rough warehouse environments while eliminating the dependency on complex Pneumatic infrastructure.

Key Advantages

Can be Installed in Extremely Tight Space facilities
Gentle Product Handling as compared to Pneumatic
Arms (Dynamic Arm Speed Regulation)
Highly Redundant Design
Extremely Cost Effective Solution
Quick Manufacturing and Installation Timelines
Extremely Low Maintenance Requirements


Min Product Size Sortable (mm) 100 X 10 X 5 150 X 50 X 50
Max product Size Sortable (mm) 600 X 600 X 600 800 X 700 X 600
Throughput (Sorts/Hour) Up to 3000 (Single Deck) Up to 1800 (Single Deck)
Max Product Weight Sortable (kg) Up to 10 Kg Up to 20 Kg

Product Video