Shipping and Dispatch

Shipping and Dispatch

Companies need to Ship and Dispatch Goods post Order Packaging in a fast and accurate manner to adhere to the strict Turn Around Times demanded by the Customers. Companies often rely on 3rd Party transporters for delivering the goods till the destination. Some companies even have their own fleet for transportation but nonetheless the need for Accurate Route Level Sorting, Manifestation and vehicle Loading is common across the board.

Falcon has built a strong Solution expertise in developing and supplying integrated Shipping and Dispatch Systems and offers a wide array of solutions to organizations across E-Commerce, Fashion Retail, Spare Part Distribution, Grocery, FMCG, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.


Some of the benefits of Falcon’s Automated shipping and dispatch systems:

Reduced Dependency on Skilled Manpower
Higher Dispatch Accuracy
Increased Space Utilization
Faster Turn Around Time
Increased Dock Utilization


Linear Cross Belt Sorter

High Speed Parcel and case Sorters

PTL operator

Put to Light Sortation Systems

Automated Dimension And Weight Scanning

Inline Weighing and Dimension Scanning Systems

Telescopic Conveyor

Automated Truck Loading Systems