Falcon Autotech featured in CNBC Awaaz, Awaaz Entrepreneur

Robotics and Automation is the fastest growing field in the world, Automation not only reduces production cost and makes operation Faster and Easier but also Error free. Service Industry in India has been using automation for some time, But recently Warehouse and Logistics industry has also started adopting this technology.


Delhi based Falcon Autotech is the Leading Indian Robotics Company which has made Automation the coolest part of Logistics & warehouse management, Company is focusing on

  • E-Commerce Retail
  • Fashion Retail
  • CEP: Courier Express and Postal
  • Spare Part Distribution (Auto, Consumer Electronics, Heavy machinery)
  • Grocery Distribution
  • Food, Pharma and FMCG Distribution

Falcon Autoech Solutions include warehouse Sortation Systems, Linear Tilt Tray Sorters and Loop Tilt Tray Sorters, Cross Belt Sorters (Loop/Linear), Shoe Sorter, Pop Up Sorter, Sweep Sorter, Arm Sorter, Pusher Sorter, Drop Down Sorter, Range of Static and Dynamic DWS Systems, Barcode scanning technologies, Belt conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Pick to light System, Put to light System, Multi Order Picking cart and Intelligent Warehouse Control System (ControlIT)

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