Put To Light Sorter for E-Commerce and CEP Industries

Falcon Autotech brings to you its latest range of Put to Light Solutions that have been designed on a robust and modular platform spanning across its Firmware and Software for unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

With the increasing complexities in Put and Pick Operations inside the modern warehouses,the need for a cost effective yet reliable Pick to Light or Put To Light System is more than ever before.

PTL Systems is a light-directed picking technology solution provides paperless picking and offers real-time sorting of Orders and can be easily integrated within existing systems with minimal training.

Advantages of PTL

  • Increase productivity and service
  • Integration with WMS System
  • Increase high speed sorting and accuracy
  • Real time sorting of orders and replenishment
  • Paperless solution
  • Reduced Error
  • Minimum training
  • Quick ROI
  • Less floor space required
  • Lower cost

To gain efficiencies in picking warehouse companies must adopt Put to light systems to improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.