Put Away

Put Away

With increasing size of modern day fulfilment centres and distribution centres, the ability to Put Away the goods post receiving in quick and reliable manner is becoming a crucial factor that most of the organizations have to struggle with. Inventory can only be made available for Sale and subsequently for picking, once it has reached its designated storage location and thus a quick put away is indispensable to ensure faster Inventory Turn Around.

Similarly, inaccurate put away might lead to Inventory not being available at the desired location during the picking process that might lead to unfulfilled/ delayed customer orders.

To counter these challenges, Falcon offers its range of automated directed put away solutions that help organizations achieve the goal of Fast and Accurate Put Away in a smooth, user friendly and cost efficient manner.


crates on conveyor

Automated Put Away Conveyors for Crates/ Cases

Put to light Storage System

Put to Light Storage Systems

Put Away

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Coming Soon)