Picking and Consolidation

Picking Process In Warehouse

The process of picking is unarguably the single most critical, Cost intensive yet difficult process that directly impacts the top line of organizations on a day to day basis. Organizations regularly strive to achieve higher pick rates while trying to sustain the pick rate accuracies amidst the ever growing customer demand of smaller orders, shorter turnaround time, and spot on order fulfilment accuracy.

Over the years, Falcon has developed its unmatched range of Plug and Play Picking solutions that can help achieve astonishing improvements in picking rates with reduced manpower and higher accuracy.



Picked Crate/case Take Out Conveyors

Multi Order Pick Cart

Cluster Pick: Multi Order Picking Carts

Batch Picking

Batch Pick for Put to Light Wall

Linear Cross Belt Sorter

Batch/Wave Pick for Automated Sorter


Pick to Light Wall

Order Pick to Conveyor

Order Pick Direct to Conveyor


Full Case Pick to Conveyor and Sorter