Till date Pharma remains one of the most challenging Industries and Organizations in the space face an ever growing set of challenges in running their Supply Chain Distribution processes in an efficient manner. Some of the challenges include: Increased SKU profile, Batch Control, FIFO and short shelf life and many more

Falcon offers its range of integrated as well as standalone automation solutions to help organizations tackle their intra facility order processing challenges and be equipped for sustained Long term growth. Some of the benefits that organizations stand to gain are:

Accurate Order Fulfilment with Strict process controls
Reduced Dependency on Skilled Manpower
Shorter Order Processing time
Increased Process visibility and Control

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Goods Receipt

Goods Receiving And Reconciliation

Automated Goods receiving and Quantity Check

Picking and Order Consolidation

Pick To Light Walls

Order Picking: Pick to Light Walls

Multi Order Pick Cart

Cluster Picking: MOPC

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Loop Tilt Tray Sorter

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Sorter

Order Packing


Automated Carton Packaging and Shipment Labelling

Order Dispatch

Tilt Tray Sorter

Automated Dispatch Sorters