Order Consolidation

Order Consolidation with Sorter

Typically companies operating in Fashion retail, E-Commerce Retail, Grocery retail and Spare part distribution adopt Order Picking as the preferred Picking Strategy due to its simplicity in downstream functions such as Quality Check, Order Packing and Order Dispatch.

However, the picking productivity tends to be the poorest in Order Picking environment because of Long idle walks that pickers have to make to pick every order.

Batch-Zone Picking techniques

To overcome this bottleneck and make the picking process extremely efficient, Organizations are looking at Batch-Zone Picking techniques. These advanced Picking Strategies can greatly improve the Picking Rates per hour (up to 200% in some cases) by:

Reducing the Walking distance that a picker has to Travel between two picks
Increasing the Depth of Picking per Pick Location
Increasing the Number of Products picked per Pick trip

Post Picking is complete in batches, there is a need to Sort and Consolidate the products as per the orders at High Speeds and Falcon offers its range of Automated Sorters that are specifically designed to perform under the high-pressure Order Consolidation process of a warehouse.

Organizations can choose from a wide range of Falcon Sorters :

High Speed Cross belt and Tilt Tray Sorters that can achieve up to 28000 Sorts per Hour to medium speed technologies such as the Sweep Sorter and the Electric Arm Sorter that can achieve up t0 6000 Sorts per hour depending upon the application. Further, these sorters can be customised for Size and number of chutes to factor in for the space availability inside a warehouse.

In addition to this, Falcon Sorters can also be integrated with its Put to Light Sortation System to create a Hybrid Sortation system to handle complex Order Consolidation Applications.