Operations Analytics


Falcon offers its Multi-Platform Operational Analytics tool AnalyseIT to enable Managers across various domains: Operations, HR, Sales etc to view, monitor and track various Operational metrics and performance trends that empowers them to Plan and optimize their resources better.

AnalyseIT interfaces with a host of Data sources such as the Automation Equipment, WCS, WMS, ERP systems etc to capture and consolidate the relevant data streams that give organizations unparalleled Visibility into their ground operations.

Some of the Key Metrics that can be tracked through AnalyseIT

Operator Productivity
Equipment Utilization
Order Profiling and Pareto Analysis
Dock Utilization

Powered by a host of Easy to Consume Graphical representations and reports, AnalyseIT propels organizations to take smarter decisions in advance and stay ahead of the fluctuating business demands.

Some Benefits

Improved Resource Utilization and planning
Identifying Super performing and Under Performing Work force to plan for rewards and training
Planning and Optimizing of Operational Strategies basis Historical data
Dashboard Software
Bay Status
Graph Dashboard