Cluster Picking: Multi Order Picking Cart

MOPC-Multi order Picking Cart

To realize the potential of batch Picking over Order Picking, Falcon has launched India’s first Mobile Multi order picking solution: MOPC (Multi order Picking Cart) specifically designed for Fashion Retailers.

The Solution comprises of multiple Picking carts equipped with Falcon’s Wireless Put to Light Modules.


At the begining of the Pick Trip, a group of Orders are assigned to a Pick Cart
Each order is mapped to a Wireless Put to Light Indicator.
The Pick Information is displayed on Picker's PDA/HHT which directs him to the Pick Location
The Picker Sans the Location ID/ Product ID using his PDA/HHT
The PDA/HHT displays the consolidated quantity of the product required in the Pick Cart
All the Orders that require that product start to glow with their respective quantity required displayed on the PPTL Module
The Picker puts the required quantity in the order and moves to the next Pick Location


Increased Pick Productivity per Picker due to batch Pick strategy
    • Lower Walking Distance
    • Increased Picking from one Pick Destination
    • Higher Trip Capacity utilization
Scalable Solution: Carts can be introduced into the system during Peaks and taken out during lean period
Lowest in class CAPEX Solution
ZERO equipment maintenance
Minimal training Curve for Pickers