Multi-Line Order Consolidation for E-Commerce Companies

Multi-Line Order Consolidation for E-Commerce Companies

Falcon’s Put to Light System is extremely beneficial for E-Commerce companies that are looking to consolidate Items for a Multi Item Customer Order together.

Instead of Order Picking, that could prove to a highly inefficient method of picking E-Commerce Orders from warehouses, Companies can now adopt Zone Picking for higher Pick rates and then consolidate different products for a multi item order together using Falcon’s Put To Light Solution.


A Series of Lights are mapped in the system. These lights are mounted on Racks: Put Locations
Put locations are idle at the beginning of the process.
The Picked products start flowing into the PTL System.
A product is scanned and it's parent order id is assigned to one of the empty Put Locations.
This way, empty Put locations keep on getting assigned orders as and when first product of that order is scanned.
Whenever a subsequent product of an already assigned order is scanned, the Put locations where the orders is assigned starts to glow.
The Operator ``Puts`` the product into the lowing location.
This way, items for a particular order keep on getting consolidated into a Put Location.
As soon as the Order is complete (All the products for that are consolidated), the PTL Light Indicator starts to glow in a different color indicating the operator that the Order can be pushed for further processing.
Operator releases the order from the Racks and sends it for further processing.
The emptied Put Location is then assigned to the next new Order.

This solution facilitates much higher pick rates as picking can be Zonal Picking instead of order Picking.


Guided flow for order cartons
Fast picking and replenishment of flow racks
Paperless process with software based order tracking in different zones
99% ++ accuracy
Fast project implementation time