Goods Receiving and Buffering

Goods Receiving and Buffering

In a Typical Fulfilment Centre/ Distribution Centre, the process of goods receiving is one of the most complex processes that starts with Goods Unloading, Quantity and Quality check, Reconciliation with receipt documents such as Advance Shipment Notes, Purchase Orders or Invoices, quantitative binning and put away or cross docking.

Propelled by changing business dynamics such as high SKU proliferation, increased vendor base, non-standard carton sizes, mixed SKU packing, shorter process times, increased Store Returns etc, there is an unprecedented need to put in the right processes and systems at the Inbound Stage.

Falcon offers its range of latest Automated Solutions for E-Commerce, Fashion Retail, Spare Part Distribution, Grocery, FMCG, Food and Pharmaceutical companies to help them achieve the desired results at the Goods Receiving Stage and ensures the following benefits for the organizations:

Fast goods Inwarding
High speed Quantity verification
Automated Reconciliation against Receipt documents
Quantitative Binning for Put Away
Ability of segregate between Cross Dock, Live replenishment and Put Way material in real time
Reduce dependency on skilled manpower
Eliminate Receiving stage errors


Telescopic Conveyor

Automated truck Unloading Systems

Automated Goods Reconciler (Count/ Scan/ Weight)

Automated Goods Reconciler (Count/ Scan/ Weight)

Drop Down Sorter

Sortation Systems for Cross Dock

Loop Tilt Tray Sorter

High Speed Sortation Systems for SKU consolidation

Automated Dimension And Weight Scanning

Inbound Dimension and Weight Scanning Systems