Fashion Retail

Fashion retailers across the world have been witnessing an increasing complexity in running their supply chains efficiently due to the changing market needs, growth in competition and increasing customer demands. Some of the challenges that have surfaced recently for a lot of Fashion retailers include: SKU Proliferation, Just-in-time inventory Push demands from stores, Omni channel business needs, lack of skilled workforce, Returns Processing and many more

Falcon Autotech has worked closely with multiple Fashion retailers to deeply understand their prevalent Intra facility challenges and now offers a range of its Automated material handling solutions to help fashion retailers achieve benefits such as:

Increased Order processing accuracy
Lower Order processing time
Reduced Trained Manpower dependency
Real Process transparency for increased control

Solutions for Fashion Retailers

Goods Receipt


Automated Goods Receiving and Reconciliation

Automated Goods Reconciler (Count/ Scan/ Weight)

Inbound SKU Profiling

Put Away


Directed Put Away into Inventory

Picking and Order Consolidation

Multi Order Pick Cart

Cluster Picking: Multi order Pick cart

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Loop Tilt Tray Sorter

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Sorter

Picking Conveyors

Picking Conveyors

Order Packing


Automated Carton Packaging and Shipment Labelling

Inline Printing

Automated Piece Packaging and Labelling

Order Dispatch


Automated Dimension and Weight Scanning Systems


Automated Dispatch Sorters