Falcon Autotech Employee Excellence award 2016

Falcon Autotech is one of the leading manufacturers of Parcel Sorter systems, Conveyor Systems, Online check weighing equipment and Dimension and Weight Measuring System in India. We recognize that our employees are our most important asset in our continuous growth and success – A company Driven by Team.

Though every Employee working at Falcon Autotech has unique Strengths, Talents, Knowledge, Skills and FAPL is an organization where talent is valued, nurtured and appreciated.

Each year we celebrate “Falcon Autotech Employee Excellence award” to recognize the contributions made by team members based on Leadership quality, Performance, Dedication, Innovations and Initiatives.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Vineet Baid, CEO Falcon Autotech said “In this sort span of time what FAPL has achieved has been appreciated by industry leaders, they are surprised to see our indigenously built machines and many investors are interested in investing in our idea this is really fulfilling experience and speaks of exiting times to come.” in the end he thanked administration for organizing such a wonderful event in short span of time.

Appreciating our young CEO and his efforts in bring innovation in organization and his encouragement to our bright engineers and skilled workers Mr.Pradeep Jain, Director, Falcon Autotech said “It’s nothing but Team work that we have reached the position today”. Further he added that a new research and development center is coming up at the company.

On the occasion new employees were introduced to the team and everyone participated in cultural programs and enjoyed fun games.