E-Commerce Retail

E-Commerce and Online Retail

The advent of Online retailing has taken the Global Economy by storm and has posed a new set of Supply chain challenges such as High number of SKUs, Smaller Order Size, Seasonal Spikes, Short order Processing timelines, variable shipment profiles and many more.

Falcon Autotech has designed and developed a host of Solutions that are designed for both small and large online retailers that can fit seamlessly into their operations thereby bringing extraordinary benefits in terms of:

Order Fulfilment speed
Order Dispatch Accuracy
Reduced dependency on manpower
Increased Process transparency

Solutions for Online Retailers

Goods Receipt

Goods Receiving And Reconciliation

Automated Goods Receiving and Reconciliation

Automated Goods Reconciler (Count/ Scan/ Weight)

Inbound SKU Profiling (DWS)


Integrated Inbound Conveying

Put Away


Directed Put Away into Inventory

Picking and Order Consolidation

Multi Order Pick Cart

Cluster Picking: Multi order Pick cart

Pick To Light Walls

Order Picking: Pick to Light Walls

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Put to light Wall

Loop Tilt Tray Sorter

Batch Picking Order Consolidation with Sorter

Picking Conveyors

Picking Conveyors

Order Packing


Automated Packaging and Shipment Labelling

Integrated Pack Station Conveying

Integrated Pack Station Conveying

Order Dispatch


Automated Shipment Dimension and Weight Scanning Systems

Tilt Tray Sorter

Automated Dispatch Sorters