Dynamic Profilers

Dynamic Profiler Series

Falcon has developed its unique range of Conveyor Based Dimension and Weight Measurement Machines commonly known as the Dynamic Profilers that are capable of automating the Process of manual weighing and dimensioning the packets at throughputs as high as 7000 Scans per Hour. These systems not only increase the productivity of the operations several times, but also ensure that the entire process is transparent, reliable and repeatable.

Falcon’s Dynamic Profilers come in 2 Volume Scanning technologies each with its unique advantages and use cases:

I Series Profilers

I Series Profilers

This Volume Scanning Technology is most suited for Cargo applications where minimum packet size is in excess of 50 mm.  Based on a twin Laser Head configuration, these profilers are the most widely accepted technology globally

IBX Series Profilers

IBX Series Profilers

This Volume Scanning Technology is a Falcon Proprietary Technology and is developed specifically for the E-Commerce Retail Industry and associated logistics Industry where packets less than 50 mm are quite common. Using this Volume Measurement technology, we have brought down the bar from 50 mm to 5 mm for smallest measurable product.

Both the Volume Measurement Technologies have Multiple Tunnel Size Options to choose from to best for your dimensioning requirement.

Add Ons

Falcon Profilers can be integrated with other optional Falcon Modules leading to a comprehensive single point solution:

Launch Pad

Launch Pad:

We all know that inducting shipments ONE BY ONE can be tedious and an ugly way to feed the sorter. This not only reduces the induction throughout over time but is also an extremely tiring job for the In-feed Operators. Falcon addresses this problem with the introduction of the Launch Pad. Now you can Bulk Load the shipments into the launch pad and then manually orient them without the hassle of bending and placing them ONE BY ONE .All this while maintaining the high In-feed rates

Auto Spacer

Auto Spacer

For equated spacing between two consecutive packages, Falcon has developed its own proprietary Spacing System.

This new Age Spacer System is PU/PVC belt based system and is unique and industry leading in more than one ways.

Smallest Foot Print Spacer in market.
Offers High Friction to avoid packages slippages.
Eliminates Belt and Sprocket Damage that occurs with a Modular Belt based Spacer System.
Barcode Scanning

Code Scanning

Product identification is at the core of a Warehouse/Fulfillment centre/Distribution Centre/Processing Centre/Sort Centre and Falcon understands this totally. With its widest range of Barcode Scanning Solutions, Falcon stands as the leading Barcode Scanning Solutions Provider in India

The Solution Range Includes:

Laser Based Scanners
Camera Based Scanners
Line Scan Camera Scanners

These Systems are capable of scanning the smallest of ID Barcodes, 2D Codes which are even damaged or under Plastic Cover at lightning fast conveyor speeds. These Systems can be designed to capture single side. Multiple sides or up to all the sides of the products (6 Side Barcode Scanning Systems)



With Falcon Imaging Solutions, organizations can now capture real time image of the Product being scanned and can store these images in a central secure repository (appropriately tagged images) for reference in a later point in time.

Rejection Arms

Rejection Units

To handle exception Case Packages (Such as No Barcode Read, Invalid Data, Cancelled Order etc), Falcon offers its Rejection Sorter Arms that segregate out packages that meet a particular Logic Criteria.

Electric Arms
Pop Up Units
Sliding Shoe Unit

Software Suite

Falcon’s Dynamic Profilers are capable of working independently (with 3rd Party Software) or can be bundled with Falcon’s Dimensioning Software Suite CubiZone. This software package provides organizations with a real time view of the Profiling System with options to configure the system as per their needs and extends its integration capabilities for a real/batch time data exchange with the Host WMS/ERP System.

Fal-VOL-D home
Fal-Vol-D DataScreen
Fal-Vol-D Measurement Settings


Seamless and Secure Data Integration with any WMS Systems/ ERP Systems/ Shipping Systems
Real Time Shipment Imaging
User Profile Management with Access Control Levels
Integration with Label Printers and Manifest Printers
Flexible Dimension and Weight Units
Direct Interface with WMS/ERP Package over APIS, ODBC
Data push directly into client's software over Hardware communication ports (Serial/USB/Ethernet)
Data Push directly into client's Browser Page without any third party apps for maximum future Flexibilty
Global Dashboard Access for Automated MIS Reporting
Integration with Falcon Powered Sortation Systems