Dimension and Weight Scanning


Falcon has developed a wide portfolio of Dimension and weight scanning Systems that are offered in both Static Designs and Dynamic Conveyor based designs. These systems are designed on keeping into account the prevalent shipment size and weights in the Industry so that clients can leverage on a standard plug and play system that offers them high accuracy, reliability, uptime and productivity.
Falcon’s DWS systems can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any host system on the planet based on its standard API modules to push accurate data in real time for immediate information availability.

Some of the use cases of Dimension and Weight scanning systems:

Goods Profiling at Inbound for Storage Space Optimization and planning
Goods Profiling for Packing size recommendation during packing stage
Calculation of Volumetric Weight for Freight reconciliation
Profile based Quality check of actual vs expected

Benefits of investing in an Automated DWS system for Organizations

Increased Worker Productivity
Eliminates manual errors while measuring and logging
Opportunity to cap revenue leakages due to excess/ short billing
Increased Data trust from clients and partner
Avoid Storage Space related Chokes due to Cubic Volume visibility
Tighter Quality control on Order fulfilment

Static Series Dimension and Weight Measurement:

Cubizon Series

The Cubizon Series

With over hundreds of successful installations, Cubzion Series is one of the most recognized names in Static Dimension and Weight Scanning Industry globally.
Based on Highly accurate Laser Scanning technology and integrated Weighing, Code Scanning, Image Capture, and Data Integration capabilities, Cubizon Series Products are your single window solution for all your Static Dimension and Weight Scanning Needs.

Dynamic Conveyor based Systems:

Dynamic Profiler Dws

The Dynamic Profiler Series

For applications that demand Dimension and Weight Scanning of products at high speeds, Falcon offers its latest generation of Dynamic Profilers. Capable of scanning up to 7000 products per hour, these systems offer unmatched productivity and accuracy levels.
The Dynamic Profiler Series Systems come in a wide array of module options to choose from so that you can tailor make your system as per your specific needs and do not end up with a force fitted system.