Conveyor Sortation Systems

Falcon’s Automated Carton and Box Conveyor Sortation Systems includes Order Carton Verification, Packaging, Labeling, In-Line Weighing a perfect Sorting Solution for Fashion, Retail and Automotive Industry.

Order Cartons are Created using Falcon’s Intelligent Put to Light Sortation System. The Order Cartons are then fed into the Carton Processing System that Scans the Order Carton barcode to identify the Order Number. This followed by Automated carton weighing and rejection in case there is weight mismatch between the actual Carton weight and its expected weight.

The Accepted cartons are Automatically taped and a Shipping Label is automatically applied using a fully automated Print and Apply Machine.

After Labeling, the Cartons are fed into an automated Carton Shrink Wrap system which is followed by an Automated Case Sorter for Dispatch Handling.

This fully automated Case Handling system has some great benefits

Reduction in Manual Error
Increased Throughput
Improvement in Service Levels
Improved Working Conditions for Warehouse Staff

Key Systems involved in the System

Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors

Automated Spacing System

Automated Spacing System

Automated Barcode Reading System

Automated Barcode Reading System

Inline Weighing

Automated Weighing System or Case Checkweigher

Automated Taping System

Automated taping Machine (Variable Carton Sizes Supported)

Inline Printing

Automated Print and Apply System

Automated Shrink Wrap System

Automated Shrink Wrap System

Automated Case Sorter System

Automated Case Sorter