CEP (Courier Express Postal)


Express Parcel and courier companies have witnessed a continuous growth in the Shipments Volumes over the last few decades that is primarily propelled by increasing customer demand and is dramatically fuelled by the sudden rise of Online retail. The complexities are further increased due to decreasing processing time demands, lack of skilled manpower and complexly evolved delivery node models.

Falcon Autotech has taken a deep dive in the space to really understand the challenges prevalent in the space and has come with its end to end integrated Automation Solutions to help Companies handling low, medium to high Shipment volumes, gain the desired benefits such as:

Decreased Shipment Processing Time
Eliminating revenue leakage due to incorrect billing
Reduce dependency of trained workforce
Scale in tandem with Customer needs

Solutions for CEP Companies

Trucking and Loading

High Speed Truck Loading and Unloading

Automated Dimension And Weight Scanning

Automated Dimension and Weight Scanning

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Medium/High Speed Parcel Sortation

PTL operator

Low Speed Light Based Sortation

Bag Sorter

Automated Bag Sortation


Conveyor Systems