Audit Services


The productivity and effectiveness of an Automation System tends to dip over the life of the system attributable to a variety of reasons such as non-adherence to SOPs, non-optimized processes around the system, untrained workforce, change in IT systems and many more.

Periodic system audits can help in identification of such root causes and timely response planning to eradicate them. This protects the business interest of organizations by making sure that the planned returns are being generated by the procured Automation Systems and there are no unexpected productivity losses.

Falcon offers its System Audit Services for Falcon Equipment and any third party Automation Equipment. These Audits are planned very closely with clients to identify minute bottlenecks and issues that hinder the optimum utilization of resources.

Some benefits of Falcon’s Audit Services

Faster Payback from Automation equipment
Timely identification of Training needs and process improvement
Identification and implementation of required IT system Updates