Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation Conveyors

As pioneers of Intra logistics Automation in the region, Falcon has introduced its range of Accumulation conveyors for Crates, Cartons, bags and even loose Products in E-Commerce/ Fashion retail industry.

Accumulation conveyors form an integral part of any complex conveyor network involving merges, diverts, traffic management, load balancing, buffering etc.

What we Offer:

1. Zero pressure Accumulation Conveyors:

MDR Type
Pneumatic Type

2. Low pressure Accumulation Conveyors:

Slip Roller Type

Available Options:

Belt Top/ Roller Top
Variable Width and Variable Height
Flexible Accumulation Zone Length
Flexible Side Guard options

Why Falcon Accumulation Conveyor?

Lowest Noise Levels
Maximum Uptime
Highest Reliability
Best in call ROI period
Minimal System Maintenance
Highest Safety Standards
Fastest ROI