Parcel and Mail Sorting

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Parcel Sorting

The ever growing customer demands and the extreme competition has put immense pressure on the warehouses to deliver throughput and accuracy levels like never before. Manual sorting of parcels is just not possible in some scenarios. Cost effective and sustainable Automation is the need of the hour in such environments.

FAPL has researched and developed its FAL-SORT series of parcel sorters that are capable of operating at practically any speed and deliver the maximized throughput to the user. Sorting can be based on Identification labels, Textual Labels, Color of the Parcel, Weight of the Parcel, Volume of the Parcel or any other logic that the customer may require. Also, FAL-SORT series systems can be seamlessly integrated with the organization’s existing infrastructure.


Mail Sorting


Handling thousands of mails and couriers every hour each day and year after year is no easy task. Dispatching the correct mail to the correct destination while maintaining productivity needs accurate sorting mechanisms that are capable of operating at great speeds.

FAL-MAIL series has been designed and developed for such high speed rigorous applications. Mails and couriers are stacked and fed into the system which then processes these packages based on their labels and sorts them into their respective destination bins thus reducing the manpower requirements and eradicating the possibility of wrong and inaccurate sorting.

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